It's not so uncommon for a city to decide they need to demolish homes in order to accommodate growth, but it is uncommon for them to continue with that growth, despite people who are unwilling to leave. That's the case with a couple in China who refuse to leave their house, therefore a highway has been built around it.

Luo Baogen and his wife are both in their 60s and don't have a lot of money for a new home. Their complaints are valid – local officials have offered him just 260,000 yuan ($41,000) regardless of the fact that he had just completed his home at a cost of 600,000 yuan ($95,000). The sum they are offering him simply will not pay for a new home that would be the same size as what they have now.

The highway that has been built is not yet in use, but you can see from the photos and video that the house could be a major problem once traffic starts flowing. In the meantime, Baogen and his wife sleep in separate rooms in the house to avoid workers coming in and destroying part of the home, and it's likely that one of them stays in the house at all times.