This is hands down the best shot ever made on a basketball court and the funny thing is, this kid wasn't even trying to score. He was just trying to keep the ball in bounds.

During a high school basketball game on Tuesday, Marvey'o Otey saw the ball bouncing towards the sidelines, so he did what any experienced ball player would do. He ran after the ball, hoping to keep it in bounds.

Otey managed to get to the ball just in time to grab it and toss it behind his back, but he put a little too much force into his toss and instead of the ball going to a team mate, it went all the way to the hoop.

Unfortunately, Otey's momentum carried him right out the gym so he didn't even see his once in a lifetime basket. Luckily, someone was filming the whole thing so he'll be able to relive his one shining moment for the rest of his life. Check it out above.