I heard the guys during the Free Beer and Hot Wings morning show talking about this guy that got a Seattle Seahawks super bowl champions tattoo. I thought it was a joke, turns out this guy has a lot of faith in his Seahawks.

Sometimes getting a preemptive champions tattoo can be a good thing, but not often. When the Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA championship, Jason Terry had gotten the trophy tattooed on his arm before the season. Now if Terry had never won a championship he would probably look really stupid.

I really wish that some people would remember what one stupid Texas Rangers fan did. He got the World Series champions tattooed on his chest. Now I have two sports tattoos on each of my arms. One for my baseball team the Baltimore Orioles and the other for my football team the Dallas Cowboys. I would never go out and predict my team winning a championship with a tattoo.

If you are going to preemptively get a championship tattoo, never put the year. Just put champions or get the trophy. Your team may blow it the year you get it, but they could win it one year. You will just look like an idiot if your team does not win.