Seems like his ass had it out for him.

Butt-dialing, pocket-dialing, whatever you want to call it. It is something we have to live with in this generation with everyone having cell phones. I have heard stories from my friends of them accidentally calling their boss or girlfriend at very inappropriate times. Well this guy could not think of a worse number to call during the conversation he was having.

This guy was out having dinner when he accidentally butt-dialed the police department. Dispatchers traced the location of 25-year-old Grant O’Connor’s call to a Don Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., where he and a female friend were having dinner, ABC reports. During his call he was talking about wanting to get out of the restaurant to go get high.

Police said they searched his car and found a bag of marijuana and drug paraphernalia under the passenger seat where O’Conner was sitting. O’Connor was charged with simple possession. O’Connor had no idea he had accidentally called 911 in Don Pepe’s until officers told him, police said. I have a feeling paranoid stoners reading this will be triple checking their phones every minute from now on.