You thought it never paid to be a Mariners fan.

During the seventh inning stretch of the Twins and Mariners game something strange started to happen, it started to rain one dollar bills. Over 35 thousand people began to attempt to collect the falling money. The stunt actually caused a delay to the start of the bottom of the seventh inning.

So, why was it raining one dollar bills? Turns out it was part of a promotion for something called the 5K Tailgate. A color run-style race where participants will get doused in blue, green and silver the day before the Seattle Seahawks' home opener against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football. The website got so many hits following the stunt, the server crashed due to excessive traffic.

Can some company in Dallas do this during a Cowboys game? It has to be a game that I am attending though.

Watch it Rain Money in Seattle Below: