Being shot at never looked so attractive: introducing Laken Smith, our newest HomeBrew Hunnie and addition to our growing Hunnie Army.  Not only does this girl make any of my photos look good just by merely being in them, she joined the ranks of Tressa and Skye as the newest Hunnie hair & make-up artist.

If you remember from last Monday, I told you I had a special surprise for our current theme, one that would push us into the fantasy/sci-fi world.  This shoot was inspired by the coolest movie I have ever seen:  'Sucker Punch,' an almost indescribable action-packed movie filled with butt-kicking beauties who are armed to the teeth with machine guns, swords, robots and killer outfits.  If you haven 't seen it, you need to.  Besides, I'd be amazed if you look at the stunning Laken's photos and aren't the least bit curious as to the awesomeness that is 'Sucker Punch.'  But for now, check out the Iowa Park native and enjoy...

Shoot Location:  W&S Construction, owned by Wally Santellana, who also owns the Chevelle SS and 67 Chevrolet Camaro in the photos with Laken.  Laken's hair was done by Tressa Stoiloff of Mode Hair Utopia and her make-up was done by Skye Baker.  Photos by me:  Joshua David.

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