Gojira are as hot as a pistol these days and at this point that can slap their name on just about anything and it's damn near guaranteed to be a big deal. And while the lyric video for "Liquid Fire" isn't anything that's gonna knock your socks off, it's still a new Gojira video and fans like myself will take a few minutes to soak up some of the best music in the world today before getting back to the realities of the daily grind.

While the band's latest offering L'Enfant Sauvage has zero weak moments, "Liquid Fire" in my opinion is definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album and it's no surprise that they went with it as the third video. This time around the band decided to go with some live stills of the band playing some huge venues to accompany the lyrics instead of going the more "artsy" route as they did with the videos for "Explosia" and "The Axe". No, it's not groundbreaking but I'll sure take it.