Godzilla came out this past weekend and I have heard nothing but good things about it. Unfortunately, no money right now so I couldn't go see it, however I did stumble upon some cool Godzilla commercials from back in the day.

1. Snickers This is the latest of the Godzilla advertising where Godzilla is in a good mood until he gets hungry. Then he destroys cities like we are used to him doing. Just get him a Snickers and he becomes this cool monster everyone wants to hang out with.

2. Dr. Pepper I think everytime a big summer blockbuster comes out, they have to get a big soda advertisement. Who is bigger than Godzilla? Well back in the day, only the 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper quench his thirst.

3. Taco Bell God this commercial just screams nostalgia for me. For the younger generation, you may not remember the Taco Bell dog. He was pretty much Taco Bells version of Ronald McDonald. This is also a commercial for the terrible 1999 remake of Godzilla. I remember I thought it was going to be the greatest thing ever. Also, your Stryker fun fact of the day is that the Godzilla soundtrack for that movie was the first CD I bought with my own money.

4. Nike Remember Space Jam with Michael Jordan? That's all I think about when I see this commercial. Michael was taking on the Monstars, who were awesome. However, in this commercial NBA all star Charles Barkley is taking on Godzilla. I think Godzilla would win in a fight between all five of the Monstars.

5. Konica Film Remember actually having to put film into a camera? Yeah seems like forever ago. If anything needs a Godzilla sponsorship, it is camera film. The sterotypical thing in most Godzilla movies is someone screaming, "Oh no, its Godzilla!" Then snapping several pictures of the big monster.

6. Cheerios
I am actually shocked by this. Seriously, Cheerios? I was waiting for a cereal covered in sugar, chocolate, with marshmallows and turns your milk green for Godzilla. Well I Godzilla was trying to watch his heart, he is 60 years old.

7. Imodium AD Now in my opinion the strangest of all the commercials. Seriously, Godzilla in a commercial for diarrhea relief. I can't believe Toho, the company that owns Godzilla, allowed this one to happen.