Don't even act like you understand what is going on in this game Buzzhead. What you're seeing is a cricket match, but what you have to see in the video has nothing to do with the game or the sport. To me it just looks like a bunch of people standing around and I can't even tell who's winning, the score board on the screen is pretty much undecipherable to us who watch real sports.

But anyway, what makes this so great is that during the middle of the commentary, the camera angles to a lady sitting in the grass with a couple friends behind what I'm assuming is the field. She is one of the player's girlfriends and like everyone else there she wasn't paying attention to the game or match, or whatever you call it. She was so busy telling a story to her friends that she didn't even realize that the camera was on her, and not only was she on live TV, but on the Jumbo-tron in the stadium as well. Apparently they were telling dirty stories to each other and you can see the girl in the middle performing some very odd looking hand gestures.

She claims she was sharing a story about someone dry humping a mini Christmas tree, but what she was really talking about is anybody's guess. Of course you can hear everybody in the press box crack up when they see what she's doing.

Check it out below, she comes in for the first time around the :21 second mark and then somebody tells her she was on camera around the 1:03 mark.

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