While there's no storyline or anything groundbreaking in Gojira's new video for "Explosia", the production company did an outstanding job of capturing the emotion and intensity of Gojira's live set. And since the only time I got to "see" Gojira was on the way in to the arena when they opened for Metallica in Dallas, it's nice to actually get to watch the band instead of hearing what sounded like a damn good set (and according to my good friend Brandon Arnold, one that was better than that of Lamb Of God's) instead of walking in just as the lights are coming on.

Regardless, Gojira seems to me like a band way more at home in a smaller venue as a headliner instead of an opening act on an arena tour.

"Explosia" is a part of Gojira's brilliant new album L'Enfant Sauvage out now on Roadrunner Records.