The first Friday the 13th each year makes for its own special holiday – Blame it on Someone Else Day. If you ask me, this sounds like a day I can celebrate.

You can blame someone else for pretty much anything. The eggs were a little runny this morning? Blame President Obama. You rolled into work late? Blame your spouse because he or she was snoring all night. You spent too much money at the bar last night? Blame the bartender. You left a rank smell in the bathroom? Blame the cat. Or the bartender. If you drank too much it may be the cause of the smell you left in the bathroom.

Whomever you choose to blame today, try to make it interesting.

There are a few quick facts that you may not know about this creepy day:

About 17 million to 21 million Americans have an irrational fear of the ill-fated day, according to the History Channel.

The date can only appear a maximum of three times during a calendar year.

This year, the inauspicious day will make two more appearances in April and July. But after this summer, the date isn't set to venture back onto the calendar until September, 2013. (Friday the 13th, 2013)

Although the fear might just be based on superstition, to this day, most buildings don’t have a thirteenth floor, and many airports don't have a thirteenth gate.

Now to break out my Friday the 13th DVD and ignore the dishes. When they don’t get done, I’ll just blame someone else.