It’s not cheap being part of a band these days, and nobody knows that fact better than those who are in the music industry. Frank Salvaggio, bassist for Anew Revolution, called the Buzz studio today to talk with me about the pressures that come with keeping a band afloat, and their unique way of keeping an incoming cash flow.

Frank has done a CNN iReport, which can be viewed below, breaking down the expenses that a band incurs while making a CD and going out on the road. As he says, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Still, it gives the public a view into the recording industry that we haven’t really seen before. While many of us may understand that expense goes into any business, you don’t usually hear about specifics.

The band has a Kickstarter project online, and fans can donate funds. In doing so, they become a part of the making of the band’s upcoming album, and they get their own perks in doing so. From something as simple as a “thank you” on the Anew Revolution social pages to having the band play for you in your own living room, you’re rewarded for your generosity.

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Learn more about the Anew Revolution Kickstarter Project.

Watch Anew Revolution's CNN iReport about the expenses a band faces:

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