With Valentine's Day right around the corner I'm sure you're rushing around trying to figure out the perfect date night for you and your sweetheart.

But before you tire yourself out trying to set up the perfect proposal or finding a nice new place to get down and dirty on V-day, you should get your facts strait.

Apparently there are several myths about the big day that leave people all across the globe freaking out. So stop worrying about totally messing up Valentine's day and check out these five commonly believed myths that you shouldn't believe.

We all believed this one once upon a time. But it turns out that on Valentine's Day, about half of single men say they'd rather be in a dead-end relationship than alone.


You see all those flowers your coworker is stockpiling on her desk? Well it turns out she may not be the most popular person in the office. In fact she probably sent them to herself! About 10% of people admit that they send themselves flowers on the big day. How many do you think won't admit it?

It seems that proposing on Valentine's Day would be the romantic thing to do. But the truth is that almost 40% of women think that it's cliché to propose on Valentine's. Don't worry though, you can still try to lock down that girl that's way too hot for you to even be seen with.

Valentine's Day is so romantic and while the girls may enjoy seeing the latest chick flick, eating dinner and curling up on the couch, for us guys it's all about the end of the night. 62% of men believe that sex on Valentine's Day has to be better in some way such as some new lingerie (for her obviously) or maybe a new location.

Meanwhile, over 50% of women think it's a good night to stick to the old, five minute routine you've been performing for the last ten years with maybe a little bit of that thing they call intimacy sprinkled in.

You would think that being broken up with before Valentine's Day would be the most awful way to separate. Well think about this. What if that person you spend Valentine's with breaks up with you the day after?

Obviously you just got used because they didn't want to be alone on V-day, yet at the same time they don't want to be with you. That's cold. Even worse is that 25% of people say they would wait until the day after to end the relationship.