The best advice I could give anyone when starting a band is to not imitate your heroes. Instead, take all of your influences and mix 'em together to create your own unique recipe. Sure, carbon copies land record deals when the style they're playing is hot, but innovators always outlast the imitators in the grand scheme of things.

It's hard to pin down Las Vegas' Falling in Reverse. They definitely have a big post-hardcore thing going on, but the band do a good job of mixing in hip-hop and alt-rock to stand out in what has become a very crowded scene. Those very elements are well represented on modern rock radio stations these days, so for Falling in Reverse to effortlessly blend the three should bode well for the band when it comes to getting 'spins' in 2014.

The music industry is always looking for the next big thing. It's kinda like a game in that you wanna be one of the first to point out the trendsetters that will lead the way for the next generation and there are those who believe Falling in Reverse represent the future of rock. Listen to their new single 'It's Over When It's Over' and let us know where you stand.