May 16, 2011

Additional Information

Everyone is invited to join City leaders, supporters and organizers for the grand opening of the City’s new Off-Leash Dog Facility (more often being referred to as “Wichita Paws” or “Wichita Paws Dog Park”), at Lake Wichita Park, beginning at 8:45am.
The facility utilizes a converted soccer/football field at the north end of the park. By beginning with an already developed area city staff was able to utilize existing fencing, irrigation, parking and land already graded for drainage, which saved significant costs for the project.

An appropriation of $10,000 from the 4B Sales Tax Fund allowed for further improvements to complete the dog park including: : adding additional fencing, two double gate entries, irrigation improvements, minor paving and signage. The final result is two dog parks in one with an area for small dogs (under 30 pounds) and one for large dogs (over 30 pounds).

There are very specific rules for participation at the park that have been developed by citizens, the Health Department, Parks Department and Police Department. The most basic rules are that the park is open from dawn to dusk, only two dogs per visitor, all animals are to have current vaccinations and display vaccination tags at all times and that all waste must be removed by owners.

The complete list of rules and regulations is displayed at the entrance to the park. These rules cover a wide range of important issues to consider before using the park and participants are urged to familiarize themselves with this information before entering the facility.