I remember when Metallica did this back in '95 like it was yesterday. The guys did a surprise set of Motorhead covers dressed in Lemmy wigs, penciled-in beards and drawn-on tattoos to celebrate Lemmy's 50th birthday at the Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, California on December 14, 1995.

Until now, all I had seen were pictures from the occasion and I'd heard the recording of 'Overkill' from the video below and 'Damage Case' as b-sides to the 'Hero of the Day' single so I was stoked to see the Whiskey had posted the in-house video to YouTube.

Looking back, it's kind of a bittersweet memory for me because at the time, I was beside myself with excitement in anticipation of the first new music from my favorite band in almost five years only to be disappointed when Load finally arrived the following June. Don't get me wrong, Load has its moments but neither it nor the follow up Re-Load did it for me nearly like their early albums, or even The Black Album for that matter.

I digress however, because this isn't about my feelings for 90's Metallica. It's about a great band paying tribute to a metal legend.