A new Down song is always cause for a celebration around here and for the first time in a long-ass time my ears have been treated to some new goodness from the NOLA veterans. Tonight broke the drought when I came across a video of the guys doing a new tune by the name of "The Misfortune Teller" during their set Monday May 21 in Asheville, North Carolina. Now the audio ain't the greatest but I'll take what I can get to get me by until I get my hands on the new EP.

According to Blabbermouth.net, Phil Anselmo declares the new album is a return to the earlier sound of the band:

very stripped down. Nothing flashy. Straight to the point… really just Down music. If you liked the first record, the demos… something like that… This record, we're pretty dead straight and honest and on the money as far as making it as simple and direct as possible and I think we did that. . . It has that practice-room vibe to it. We didn't really try and f*cking slick it out and anything. We went the more raw route, as far as an approach.

I'll see you in line at the Record Store sometime late summer when the EP hits the shelves and the interwebs.