Last Nights episode of Saturday Night Live was in my opinion the best this season. It saw Django' Unchained Star Christoph Waltz hosting and of course included a Tarantino parody. I haven't watched an SNL sketch in quite a while that was able to be both hilarious and blatantly offensive. The sketch I am referring to is  trailer for an fake upcoming Quentin Tarantino flick about Jesus Christ raising from the dead and seeking revenge on the Romans that crucified him. The fake trailer captures the essence of Tarantino's film making, gives a bunch of the SNL cast a chance to portray actors who frequently appear in Taranino's work, and of course spotlights Waltz as Djesus. He plays it so straight that you cant help but laugh even though you know you should be appalled. Best line of the sketch... the voice over guy says... "He may be wearing sandals, but he can still kick ass!   Check out the Sketch here.