If you are a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan like myself, you may still be trying to get over this release the Cowboys did. However, this story proves that Demarcus is a Cowboy for life.

As you should know by now Demarcus Ware signed a three year 30 million dollar contract with the Denver Broncos. Demarcus and his agent, Pat Dye went to the Cowboys seeing if they could match the offer. Jerry Jones said Dallas could not make that kind of commitment.

"These guys drafted this guy with the 11th pick in the draft, they paid him fairly on his rookie contract, they paid him very fairly on his second contract," Dye said. "He's made $52 million the last four years, so there's no bitterness about that." Dye said Ware demonstrated his appreciation by not fielding offers from rival NFC East teams.

"There were teams in the NFC East that were dying to get him in for a visit,"Dye said."DeMarcus felt so appreciative and so grateful to Mr. Jones for allowing him -- for the lack of a better word -- his freedom, that he didn't feel good about coming back and playing the Cowboys twice a year."

Now with the Broncos, the only way Ware will play against the Cowboys in 2014 is if Dallas and Denver meet in the Super Bowl. It's possible that Ware's next trip to AT&T Stadium could come when his name is placed in the Ring of Honor after he retires.

"He'll always be a Cowboy," Dye said. "He'll keep a home there. And I feel certain that he'll come back there when he's done playing." If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan and you do not think Demarcus belongs in the Ring of Honor you are insane. He is the Dallas Cowboys leader in sacks and forced fumbles. He has been to the pro bowl seven times and been a first team all pro in four of those years. He lead the NFL in sacks for two seasons. Hope you have an amazing rest of your career Demarcus you will be missed.