This is what happens when you go up against Dave Grohl. Needless to say the man is a genius, from his chops, to his vocals, to his ability to make you feel downright ashamed at your own picket. Some folks from the Westboro Baptist Church thought it was wise to protest a Foo Fighters gig in Kansas City, MO. I bet they werent expecting this!

How's that for retaliation? Getting, pretty much, the biggest middle finger ever held in front of your face for about 5 mins. When you start messing with their paycheck, it becomes personal. So Dave, Taylor and and the rest of the Fighters of Foo suit up and stick it back to some of the saddest, not to mention crudest, christians ever. Best part is the subtle fashion they use to relate there message in country form. Not something there known for, but damn they can play it all!  On a side note, I'm a god fearing man and those folks don't seem to fit a baptist profile.