Do they have blizzard breaks they need to burn off?

The people in the corporate offices at Dairy Queen think their employees need help managing their weight, which is ironic enough on its own. At their headquarters in Edina, Minnesota, they've recently installed several treadmill desks, so employees can walk off calories while they work.

According to Megan Weizel, who manages Dairy Queen's wellness program, she was worried about employees having to sit for eight hours a day. Although apparently not as worried about the rest of us scarfing down Blizzards and Peanut Buster Parfaits.

Actually, Dairy Queen's in-office fitness options are pretty decent.  According to Weizel, they're adding a room for fitness classes, they already offer yoga classes, and they have locker rooms so people can shower after a workout or biking to work. She says Dairy Queen is getting serious about in-office fitness because they think it might be a "recruitment tool" for new employees.

Now I know myself I would definitly fall off this thins while attempting to do any work. Treadmill desk are available at the Google store.