Rousey-mania is about to be running wild.

I will admit I have not watched any of Ronda Rouseys fights live. Mainly because I can not afford the Pay Per View prices. I don't even have the NFL Network at my house so if the Cowboys ever play on that I have to go to a bar to watch it and I definitely love the Cowboys more than UFC. However, I have seen highlights of some of Rousey's fights and I think she is pretty amazing at what she does.

Turns out Rousey is a huge WWE fan. She watches Monday Night Raw religiously with her roommates, has a little crush on CM Punk and has become friends with the Rock. Well yesterday Rousey posted the video, seen below on Instagram. I think she could definitely make it in the WWE, at the very least she has to make a guest appearance one day.

Check Out Ronda Rousey's Wrestling Moves Below: