I did 2 1/2 years in Austin. I hate Austin. I hate the town because it is full of hipster assh@les who think they are too cool for anything. They are more about “being seen” than “being a part of the scene”.  This is very apparent in these videos from the “LaGrange Fest”.  Read more after the break.

I doesn’t seem to “bother” Corey, but it bothers the sh@t out of me that these assh@les had a chance to see a true artist at the top of his game perform and you can just hear them talking and being a bunch of high-fiving assbags. In the second video you can even hear a guy explaining to a girl that this is “the guy from Slipknot, you know with the masks”.

I don’t know why any band plays Austin.  They get little to no respect from the douche-bags there. You have to remember that Austin is a town full of musicians, all but a tiny, tiny percentage who’ve failed in the music business.

I would have loved to see the show. I would have given the artist my full attention.