New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate and throw out all of the terrible decisions we've made over the past year. It's a time to start fresh (even though it's just a date on a calendar) and make promises to ourselves that we most likely won't keep. One of the promises that's easy to keep is to refrain from getting behind the wheel after you've been drinking. The TAC (Transport Accident Commission) in Australia has produced a number of commercials over the years, urging drivers to not drink and drive. In 2009 they put together a montage of their ads to produce a video that really hits home.

If you're going out tonight, have a great time. If you're drinking, please get a designated driver or call a cab. If you can afford to buy alcohol, you can afford a few bucks to have someone else take you home. It's a whole lot cheaper than paying for a DUI.

Warning – some images may be disturbing to some viewers.