An NCAA Football Tournament to decide the national championship you say?

Well it is about damn time!!!

This is how I imagine the negotiations went during the meetings between the BCS conference commissioners on Wednesday. The commissioners came to a consensus to endorse a 4-team playoff to determine the best college football team in the nation. This would replace the current migraine inducing  mathematical  ranking system that currently  determines who gets to play in the  BCS National Championship.

The playoffs would work by having a selection committee, much like the one responsible for seeding the NCAA Basketball Touney,  determine the 4 best teams based on rank, strength of schedule, and conference champions, to play in semi-final games that would rotate between the 4 major bowl games:(Rose, Fiesta,Orange, Sugar). The two winners facing off in a natinal Championship Game at a neutral location determined by highest bidding city. Yep, just like the Superbowl. (On a side note that means Jerry World could host a national championship game).

The move to the 4-team playoff will not be made official until June 26th when the presidential commitee for the BCS approves the plan. It is safe to assume however that while they may make a few small changes the overall plan will move forward and go into effect in 2014.

College Football fans across the nation have been crying out for a college football playoff for years. Even our current president has called for a change more than once. Personally, I would like to see an 8-team playoff rather than a 4-team one as this plan calls for, but I am more than willing to compromise. I am just happy, as a college football fan, that I can finally have a true definitive national champion. Like the commitee member said in my imagined meeting... It's about damn time!!!