Shocking that this story comes out of Canada.

Canadian Tire had a mission, prove its MotoMaster Eliminator battery could withstand being frozen to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and still start a vehicle. Now they could have easily put a car in a freezer to prove their point, but that just would not have been as cool. They decided to rebuild an entire frame of a Chevy Silverado using blocks of ice.

The truck is fully functional, as long as it is below 32 degrees. I was thinking, when you start a truck it gets hot, how are they going to prevent that from melting the ice?

After a thorough inspection to ensure the Chevy's 2005 frame was free from rust, the team proceeded to weld it rigid to prevent any unnecessary movement that would cause the ice to crack. They then prepared it to run under its own power without the body, and added extra coolant to help keep the engine from melting the ice too quickly. If you thought that was cool, the ice melting is even cooler.

Watch the Ice Truck Melt Below: