This past week was the huge E3 expo where video game companies and designers got together to preview new games, as well as systems.  Nintendo's reveal of their follow-up to the Wii, called the WiiU, may have stolen the show, but one of the biggest reveals during the event was the news from Rocksteady and WB Games that Catwoman would be a playable character in highly anticipated "Batman: Arkham City".  In its predecessor, "Batman: Arkham Asylum", Joker was a playable character, but only on the Playstation 3 and only in battle maps apart from the main game.  For "Arkham City", Catwoman will be playable at key points within the main story.  Designers of the game have said total completion of the game could take an average of 25 hours of gameplay, with Catwoman being playable for roughly 10 percent of that.