The new D.L.C. "Rezurrection" for Call Of Duty: Black Ops is finally out for Xbox with PS3 & PC to follow. Unlike the previous map packs this one's all zombies. It includes 4 classic maps that have been touched up & reworked including:

1.) Nacht Der Untoon "NIGHT".

2.) Verruckt "ASYLUM".

3.) Shi No Numa "SWAMP".

4.) Der Riese "FACTORY".

Plus MOON the all new zombie map! What could be better than killing zombies in zero gravity? The new zombie map features all kinds of new weapons & ways to dispatch the undead. This is a must have for all Call Of Duty zombie fans. All this for the low, low price of 1,200 Microsoft points. Take a break from story mode or online matches to delight in the finer arts of zombie slaying! With MW3 due this fall in November 2011 "Rezurrection" is a sure fire way to break up the wait & boredom with nonstop action. Take a look at the official "Rezurrection" behind the scenes video with the Treyarch team as they detail the new D.L.C.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops "Rezurrection" available now at: for just 1,200 points! Check out the teaser trailer below for some hilarious answers to some of the more frequent questions concerning zombies and the best practices on just how to destroy them in all types of creative ways. It's a rare in depth video courtesy of Treyarch & the Call Of Duty "Zombie Lab" true experts of all things undead!