‘Broforce’ is everything we wished ‘The Expendables’ would have been, not our favorite 80s actors in a single movie, but our favorite 80s action movie characters coming together.

‘Broforce’ is a side-scrolling run-and-gun game done not only in the tone of classic 80s action films, but also classic 80s 8-bit action games.  With completely destructible environments, the goal of each level is to fight your way through an army working for the devil in a business suit, triggering American flags that act at restart points if you’re killed, freeing your fellow Broforce members, switching to which ever character you’ve just freed, and finishing the level by jumping onto a rope ladder hanging from a helicopter while the level explodes.

Among the parodied characters in ‘Broforce’, all of which have been renamed with “Bro” names like “Rambro” and “Bromando”, are…

  • Ash Brolliams (Ash Williams from ‘Evil Dead’)
  • B.A. Broracus (B.A. from ‘The A-Team’)
  • Brade (Blade)
  • Bro Dredd (Judge Dredd)
  • Bro Hard (John McClane from ‘Die Hard’)
  • Bro in Black (J from ‘Men in Black’)
  • Brobocop (Robocop)
  • Brochete (Machete)
  • Brodell Walker (Walker Texas Ranger)
  • Brominator (The Terminator)
  • Brommando (John Matrix from ‘Commando’)
  • Bronan (Conan the Barbarian)
  • Indiana Brones (Indiana Jones)
  • MacBrover (Magyver)
  • Nebro (Neo from ‘The Matrix’)
  • Rambro (Rambo)
  • Snake Broskin (Snake Pliskin from ‘Escape from New York’)

Each character is given a primary weapon, usually a gun but sometimes something different like a sword for Brade or explosives for MacBrover, and a secondary attack that comes in the form of temporary invincibility, an airstrike, or some other special attack.

You can download a beta-test version of ‘Broforce’, also known as the Brototype, absolutely free from the game’s website.  The Brototype alone is worth a $15 price tag to download, giving the player a taste of the different playing styles of the various Bros as well as the immensely enjoyable destructible environments.  Up to four player co-op play, simple controls with either your keyboard or game controller, and a straightforward and bloody game play style make ‘Broforce’ a necessary addition to any game collection.

(Image via Broforce Website)
(Image via Broforce Website)
(Image via Broforce Website)
(Image via Broforce Website)