39-year-old Andrew Wardle from Britain suffers from a rare condition that occurs once in 6 million male births. Andrew was born with fully functioning testicles but no penis. Now, after almost 40 years without one, he will soon go under the knife to have a penis surgically grown on his arm to graft onto his crotch.

Doctors from the University College London will begin the never before performed three-part operation by folding a large flap of skin from his arm into a tube. The flap will be complete with blood vessels and nerves. I have the feeling that this surgery is going to cost an arm and a . . . no, that's it. Just the arm.

Andrew says that he "never thought this day would come" and is excited to "finally start living like a normal man." Wardle continued, "Things like having sex and starting a family, something which so many people take for granted, could actually become a possibility."

Andrew also says that in the past he has turned to drugs to cope with his situation, and even tried to kill himself a couple years ago. We are definitely rooting for you, Andrew. Going public with this story proves that you have bigger balls than most fully equipped guys.

Well there you have it: proof there's a man in England more desperate for a penis than Elton John.

You can read all about Andrew, his condition and how exactly the surgery will work here.