We already knew Evil Jared was evil, but did he really think people would take this well?

While performing in the Ukrainian city of Odessa last week, the Gang's bass player, Jared Hasselhoff, put the Russian flag down the front of his pants and then pulled it through the back. As you can tell in the video Jared joked with the audience “Don't tell Putin”.

Well somebody told someone because the video reached the Russian authorities – and they weren't laughing. The Russian minister of culture tweeted "these idiots are not going to perform" in his country and reportedly pressured local authorities to halt the band's next shows.The Bloodhound Gang by this time were in the southern Russian city of Anapa and when news got out of their trip to Moscow to make a connecting flight out of the country, their bus was attacked with flying food on the way to the airport.

As of right now all of the concerts in Russia have been cancelled. I have a feeling at some point in the next few days we will be getting an apology from Jared.

Check Out Evil Jared's Flag Stunt Below: