Back in 2011, Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan launched a wrestling company called Resistance Pro. Corgan is a huge pro wrestling fan, and now he wants to show all of us what it’s like to be part of a wrestling organization.

The artist says that he’s just signed a deal with a reality show producer, though it’s not been said who that is, and now it sounds like plans are moving forward with the show. Specifically, he wants to focus on how difficult it is for wrestlers to find work.

Corgan said of the concept:

We believe that wrestling is fascinating on many, many levels. Socially, politically, even economically. The struggles independent wrestlers go through to try to find work. Those are real struggles that anybody can identify with. We want to show what goes on in a wrestling company behind the scenes.

With a long list of reality shows already on the air, this one is a little different than others in that it doesn’t follow around wealthy women or spoiled kids who are shopping or drinking. Now the question is whether or not it will be produced in such a way that even those who aren’t huge wrestling fans will enjoy the show.

I also wonder about drama that is created in reality television. Without drama of some kind, a show doesn’t maintain interest. A friend of a friend of mine was once a bridesmaid on the show ‘Bridezillas,’ and she stated that producers told the bride information that she wouldn’t have otherwise known, in an effort to get her upset and create a stir. Would wrestlers do the same thing?

The Smashing Pumpkins will release their next album, titled Oceania, on June 19th.