A documentary about AC/DC has been making waves by paying homage to the band, yet AC/DC and their management has yet to comment on what they think about the film. Beyond the Thunder has been previewed at film festivals and met with great interest, but it may never make a commercial release.

SQUiERS, LLC and Current Motion are the companies who teamed up to make the film, and they're seeking a partnership and permission to release Beyond the Thunder globally, but without any response, the film looks as though it may end up dead in the water.

The film focuses on how AC/DC has been an influence with their music, not focusing so much on the members of the band, but instead on the “common bond that ties fans together around the globe.” In this clip, which hasn't been released until very recently, the focus is on advertising and how AC/DC music can beef up an ad and give it heart.

For now we'll have to enjoy clips and trailers, with the hope that AC/DC and their management become involved at some point. If you'd like to make the viewing experience even more enjoyable, the band does have some excellent wine they can recommend.