When a new meme catches on fire, you’ll find it anywhere. Planking was so popular that South Park took at stab at it, making fun of the practice and creating their own meme with “Faith Hilling it,” where Cartman would stand in front of a camera and pull out his shirt as though he had huge knockers. I’ve seen planking done locally at a restaurant, and people have come up with creative ways to get their shot, all for the internet. Now there’s a meme that’s been catching on for the past few months called Batmanning.

The concept of Batmanning is to hang upside down with your feet on a ledge as your only support. The thought sounds uncomfortable at best, but it’s also dangerous. If you aren’t aligned properly or you lose that footing for any reason, your head is going to crash into the ground. I don’t know about you, but I like my skull intact.

If you check out the clips below, you’ll see some awesome examples of this practice. The first video is a series of photos depicting what Batmanning is all about, and some people get major height in their pics. The second video is a prime example of what happens when you fail at Batmanning. If I was that dude, I would have been swearing like a sailor.

Have you tried this? Would you try this? Are these people genius or morons?