While it's always a pleasure to interview a band as influential as Napalm Death, it's even better when they're a band you've followed since the early days of their career.

I'll never forget the first time I heard Harmony Corruption back in '91. It was the Spring of my senior year in High School and as I was preparing to graduate from High School, I was also graduating (so to speak) from thrash and began to discover the next level of extreme music - death metal. And while Napalm Death are a grindcore band, Harmony Corruption leans a little more toward the death metal that was emerging at the time and to be honest, I didn't really know the difference. What I did know was that there was nothing more brutal at the time and that in itself spoke to me. I've followed the band ever since and can honestly say I've never been let down by the band - even during their more experimental "mid-period".

Aside from their music, Napalm Death's message spoke to me and you can look at my work as a metal vocalist / lyricist first with Nothing Remains, then Lycergus and now Coffin Crusher and it's obvious how big of an influence Barney Greenway has been on me. For whatever reason, I kept that a secret from him when we met up in Fort Worth at the Rail Club before the band's set back on November 18 and while I made it a point to tell him how much I dug the band, I opted to stick to the task at hand and just do my job as a radio show host / journalist.

What follows is a conversation with one of the most intelligent and insightful people in the music business and a highlight of my career.

Barney Greenway - Napalm Death Part I

Barney Greenway - Napalm Death Part II

Barney Greenway - Napalm Death Part III