Each year, Maxim comes out with a sizzling list of hot women, ranking them from 1-100. Sometimes I’m surprised by those who make the list, and sometimes I think they’ve nailed it. This year, their top 5 are women who are notably gorgeous, and deserving of their ranks.

Bar Refaeli is ranked at number one, followed by Olivia Munn, Mila Kunis, Katy Perry, and Olivia Wilde. Jennifer Love Hewitt came in at number 20, and I personally think she should have been in the top 5. Pippa Middleton even made the list, coming in at 81. My favorite has to be Lois Griffin, coming in at a sexy 85. It’s not just women who made the 100, however. Stephen Colbert nabbed his own spot at 69. Then there’s the creepy entry… Amanda Knox, famous student accused of murder and later freed in Italy, comes in at 92.

If you were making your own list, who would you add to it? Would it be all women with only one or two males? Are men being singled out by not having more entries? What would your criteria be?

I think Lois Griffin is too far down on the list. She’s funny, smart, pretty, and understands dogs that speak to her. That’s a talent that nobody else can claim from that list. I would have put her in the top 5.