Avenged Sevenfold's latest album Hail to the King has enjoyed its share of success and the band hopes to keep that going when their latest project premiers on December 15. The rock group has premiered the trailer for their upcoming animated TV series, also titled Hail to the King, which you can see below.

The series will be released to set up the back story for the band's upcoming video game, Hail To The King: Deathbat, which is due out early next year. The group teamed up with Machinima and Jon Schnepp, who you may know from the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse.

Lead singer M. Shadows described the show saying, "The animated series is funny stuff – we hope it gives you something entertaining to watch over your holiday break. We felt this was the best way to tell the story and give you an idea about the type of game we're creating."

The game will feature tons of bonus material for fans, who will be able to unlock more than 20 pieces of artwork, as well as getting to hear seven new songs that the band wrote specifically for the game.

They won't be your typical A7X songs though, Shadows warns, "These aren't metal songs. They're theme songs for each level and they're done in an old-school video game fashion with a new-school twist."

The trailer for the game will also debut on December 15, to coincide with the animated series premier. Shadows claims he got the idea for a video game a couple years ago when he noticed that everyone was playing games on their phones.

He also went on to add that "We came up with the idea of turning some of our songs and artwork into a living, breathing, evil world. We wanted to bring the story of the Deathbat to life and allow you to control its destiny. While the game stands on its own in terms of the story and game play, we still wanted to add in some extras for our fans.”

While the band may seem pretty busy with a TV series and a video game due out soon, they aren't letting that stop them from planning a new tour, which they are currently setting up.

So far shows at the Download Festival, Graspop Metal Meeting, the Nova Rock Festival and Aerodome have been announced as well as an early 2014 show at the Soundwave Festival, with more to be scheduled soon.