Before you start calling this fake, this is real and arrests have been made.

Livestreaming video games has become something I love to watch.  Yeah I am nerd, but I could watch video game tournaments all day. The big thing is people just livestreaming their game they are playing with some of their friends online. If you are a hot girl doing this people will definitely tune in. Now I am definitely more of a console gamer than a PC gamer. DOTA 2 is a big game in the PC world and that's what this girl was playing.

Her name is Nikki Elise, but everyone knows her by the screen name Sajadene. Well she was livestreaming her game when she suddenly heard a loud noise from inside her house. She leaves her game but the stream continues. You hear somebody telling her to get down. After a few seconds you see a man walk into the room with a gun. Apparently there were two guys, one has been arrested, the other is still on the loose.

Some of the people viewing actually called the cops and were able to get the one man arrested. Nikki is alright, just a little shaken up from the whole ordeal. Maybe criminals will think twice before robbing someone with potentially hundreds of witnesses watching.

Check Out the Robbery Below: