Mitch Hedberg was taken from us too soon, but one guy is making sure we never forget the iconic comedian.

I could watch some Mitch Hedberg standup all day and some guy that works the register at a doughnut shop also loves Mitch Hedberg. This is from Stan's Doughnuts in Chicago, Illinois. This guy was in charge of putting whatever he wanted at the bottom of the receipt. So why not put the entire joke that makes fun of doughnut receipts, on a doughnut receipt. This is officially the 'Inception' of receipts.

Literally every time I am handed a receipt for one small item like a doughnut, I always think of Mitch Hedberg. I actually bought a lollipop and got handed a receipt. Thanks a lot man this is going straight into the trash.

Check Out the Awesome Doughnut Receipt Below: