What could be better than releasing a brand new music video? How about releasing two new videos? That works, and it's exactly what Alice in Chains has done. Both of the songs come from their latest album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, which landed that number two spot on the Billboard 200 when it was released in June.

The first video is for "Voices," the bands third single from the album. The second video is for the title track and my personal favorite, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," a song that has raised a few eyebrows because of its lyrical content. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell talked about the subject matter of the song saying, "when your belief says it's okay to strap a bomb on your body and blow somebody else up, or beat somebody up because they're gay, or try to pass some laws and legislate what a woman can do or can't do with her own body, when it comes to teaching prejudice, ignorance, the denial of just fact . . . some of the uglier things that are done in the name of religion to each other are pretty horrible, and that's what that song is about."