An early afternoon accident Saturday on North Beverly Drive left one car totaled and another impounded.

At around 12:50 pm, a 1999 Ford Explorer and a 2008 BMW were travelling southbound in the 700 block of North Beverly Drive. According to police, the driver of the Explorer attempted to pass the BMW. The driver of the BMW lost control of the vehicle and drove through a ditch in front of a home, striking a gas meter.  The force of the crash sent the gas meter into the air, traveling some 50 feet and striking the glass storm door on the front of the home.

Image Credit: Mike Hendren

The BMW went airborne, striking the limbs of a large tree in the front yard before coming to rest just a few feet from the front of the home. Police say none of the occupants of either vehicle were injured, nor was anyone inside the home injured.

There’s was no damage estimate available, but police said the BMW was likely a total loss.  The Explorer was impounded by police due to the driver not having proof of insurance coverage.

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