Exercise isn't usually fun, at least not for me and I'm sure a ton of people could relate. So what could we do to encourage ourselves to work out a little more? Well somebody has come up with a genius idea and with any luck this could become reality. The self-rewarding exercise machines! How does it work? Well the treadmill is connected to the TV which you are watching while you run. When you run fast you get any extremely HD picture and when you slow down the reception gets worse and worse till you’re watching nothing but static. Didn't I tell you it was a genius idea?

You may have to be a man to understand this, but there is a huge difference between standard TV and HD TV, although if you asked what makes HD so superior, a guy would only be able to tell you that it looks way better. I know it doesn't make sense but I would sprint until I passed out if it meant the difference between regular and HD.