First off, we do not condone cannibalism, but if you are into eating other people you should at least watch your carbs and thanks to one socially awkward scientist, now you can.

James Cole from the University of Brighton in England has concluded that eating an entire person, who has been properly cooked, would give you somewhere around 81,500 calories. And don’t worry, he didn’t eat people. He used science.

But that’s nothing compared to other animals. A horse would provide about 200,000 calories while a bear would be around 600,000 calories, and that’s just the good meat.

Plus most of the calories in human meat comes from adipose tissue,which Cole says isn’t good for you, “I’m not a nutritionist, but I would imagine that it would not be very healthy.” Cole even went on to get more specific.


Arm - 1,800 calories

Leg - 7,150 calories

Lungs and Liver - 1,500 calories each

Heart - 722 calories

Brain and Spinal Cord - 2,700 calories