One of the most embarrassing, and possibly the most terrifying, parts of being a kid is accidentally seeing, hearing, or even knowing your parents are taking care of grown up business.

Of course when I say grown up business I mean your dad is in the middle of taking your dear old mom on trip to pleasure town.

Now these two girls in the video thought they were going to have your typical teenage slumber party; soda, lots of talking, scary movies and maybe a pillow fight (I don't know what girls do at slumber parties).

What actually took place will probably scar them for life.

The parents of the girl hosting the little sleepover decided to forget the fact that there was another little girl in the next room and take care of business anyway. And they got pretty noisy!

If you're going to do something like that during your daughter's slumber party, at least be sure to use a gag or something to keep you quiet.

The girls didn't let it ruin their night though. Instead they made a video out of the whole ordeal that is just waiting to go viral. You can check it out below.