If you’re looking for new music by 10 years, the wait is nearly over. They have a new single out called “Backlash,” which is sitting at number 27 on the Active Rock chart, and their new album, Minus the Machine comes out August 7th. Now they’ve also released the official music video for “Backlash.”

Minus the Machine is being put out by the band’s own record label called Palehorse Records.

Jesse Hasek recently spoke about the new album, saying:

First and foremost, when it’s all said and done, we’re proud of this album in its entirety. That speaks volumes to us because we’re our own worst critics. We pick everything apart. An album is your child, it’s your baby, and you know it better than anyone. To sit back and be 100 percent proud of what we’ve accomplished is so gratifying, and we think everything else will fall into place. We hope that everyone will enjoy what we’ve tried to do.

The video for “Backlash” is a little dark and creepy, but 10 Years always seems to put out something different for every video, keeping things fresh. While it’s not my favorite video the band has put out, I like the song, so I’ll watch it.