As a former fat kid who used to eat an insane amount of candy daily, I was actually quite shocked with the answer.

It turns out the most influential candy bar of all time is Kit Kat. I was thinking the classic Hershey bar would have won or maybe Snickers. According to Time Magazine it gives four reasons why it is the most influential. It is one of the oldest candy bars still around. The Kit Kat Bar started in 1911 and many big companies cannot say that about their candy bars, with the exception of the Hershey bar.

Second it was one of the first candy bars to earn a global following. In other countries they have different flavors of Kit Kat bars. In Japan they have apple, sweet potato and green tea Kit Kats. Another reason for its influence was it was the first candy bar that introduced a concept of sharing. With that concept of sharing, comes the final reason as to why it is so influential. The catchy jingle you cant ever get out of your head. Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. Don't act like you did not just sing that in your head.