The Wichita Falls Area Food Bank truly believes that nobody should go to bed hungry. That's why they've scheduled a series of eight Mobile Pantry events in the month of June.

If you need help filling your pantry stop by any of these locations and the Food Bank will provide you with a twenty-seven pound box of food and a bag of produce. No questions asked.

Wichita Falls Area Food Bank via Facebook
Wichita Falls Area Food Bank via Facebook

The first Mobile Pantry location will be this Saturday (06.06.20) at the Just Store It building at 3801 Old Jacksboro Highway from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. with seven more dates to follow later this month.

Between job losses, lack of school lunches, and any number of other ways, COVID-19 has greatly impacted many in our community and the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank wants to help keep everyone fed. In fact, the WFAFB has seen about a 30% increase in the people they serve just since March 15th.

That's a huge task in times like these so if you're one of the fortunate people who are able to help, you can support the WFAFB by volunteering to pack boxes for the Moble Pantry events, help on a more regular basis at the Food Bank, or simply make a financial donation. With every dollar donated the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank can purchase up to three meals worth of food.

Wichita Falls and our surrounding area are not alone in the struggle to keep everyone fed, Texas Monthly recently published a story about food banks across the lone star state and included a segment on what Kara Nickens, the WFAFB Chief Executive Officer, was doing to keep things moving.

Because many of the people who cannot afford food also struggle to afford health care, the Food Bank has partnered with United Regional Health Care System and medical professionals will be on site at the Mobile Pantry events providing health screenings including glucose and blood pressure checks free of charge.

The Mobile Pantry locations are strategically placed and timed to be the most convenient for those needing help. Follow the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank on Facebook for updates and future events.

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