I could care less about soccer, however good looking women. You now have my attention.

The World Cup is the biggest thing in sports going on right now. I have just never been big into soccer. I would occasionally watch a Manchester United game back in the mid 2000's when they were dominantly wrecking teams. Even then it was because my girlfriend loved soccer.

I have watched maybe five minutes of the World Cup and that is only from occasionally glancing up at the TV while at the gym. I did see someone's super hot girlfriend on TV while watching. So I had to naturally look up the hottest World Cup girlfriends.

Check Out the Hottest World Cup Wives/Girlfriends Below:

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend/Getty Images
Girfriend of Lionel Messi/Getty Images
Wife of Wayne Rooney/Getty Images
Soon to be wife of Mario Balotelli/Getty Images
Wife of Steven Gerrard/Getty Images
Girlfriend of Gerard Pique/Getty Images
Girlfriend of Iker Casillas/Getty Images
Girlfriend of Cesc Fabregas/Getty Images
Girlfriend of Bastian Schweinsteiger/Getty Images
Wife of Rafael Marquez/Getty Images
Wife of Wesley Sneijder/Getty Images
Girlfriend of Kevin-Prince Boateng/Getty Images