I was born in Compton California. I lived in Southern California until I was 16. I enjoy the “Mex” part of our “Tex-Mex” culture. I have always been surrounded by and have had not just friends, but close friends of many colors. I defy you to find ANYONE on this planet who would say I treated people differently because of their heritage. Read More after the jump.

With all this in mind, I’m having a hard time dealing with the Middle East Muslim culture. Yes, I know it’s a small percentage of people who cause problems and bring them to our shores, but why do we have to allow it? Why is it wrong to say, “you come from a violent culture and we don’t want that here”. Why can’t we wait until these people prove that they want to peacefully co-exist with the world before we break bread with them?

All of this came home when a student in Lubbock was found to be trying to by explosive detonators and researching targets. It just doesn't make sense that we allowed a "guest" in this country who would do us harm.


I was watching “Predators” last night and one of the tricks they used in hunting the humans was to injure a guy and tie him up playing on the good nature of the others to “save him” at which point they could attack. At this point our good nature is being exploited by bad men. Yes it sucks that good men and good women could be kept from Americas shores, but why is it our fault that their friends and relatives want to bring hateful deeds to America? Why is it wrong to protect ourselves? We wouldn’t invite tribes of cannibals here just because some switched to beef, would we?

As human being and as an American, I know what I’m saying is wrong. It makes me ashamed that I’m even thinking this way at this point, but how many times are we going to get attacked or discover plans to be attacked by young middle-eastern men before we say young Middle Eastern men are the problem? Let’s be good Americans and let the people who are living here peacefully continue to live here (yes it’s possible there are already cells here, but I’m willing to give that benefit of the doubt). Then let’s slam the door of immigration and even visitation from countries that support terrorism immediately. America has many problems that it needs to deal with. We could use this break to fix those problems and possibly figure out a better way to identify those who wish to hurt us so that those who are peaceful can someday return to our country.

If something like this is to take place, it's because it HAS to take place before thousands or even millions are killed on our home shores. It would not be something to be celebrated, rather it would be something that we are embarrassed to do, but has to be done. It's like taking a dump at a wedding, distasteful, but it has to be done.

To all the peaceful people of the Muslim faith-America needs you to educate your own people that violence is not the way to change this or any country for the better. I am sorry if it leads to a lack of opportunities to you worldwide, but we need you clean up your backyard so we can clean up ours.