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Fast Food Drive-Thru Madness
I understand asking "do you want fries with that?" or "did you want something to drink?" because those are easily forgotten items, but I'm tired of being "upsold" at the drive through. Read more after the break.
Walk Of An Anus
So this guy I know went on one of those character or faith building walks. I was asked to write him a letter of encouragement. I forgot about it until about ten minutes before going to a concert, so the following is what he got (if his girlfriend decided to give it to him at all). Click through.
The Henis [AUDIO]
Okay, so I looked up "Henis" (you'll figure out why after the first piece of audio). Anyways, the two things that came up most were pictures of ice cream scoops and Angela Jolie (most of them weirdly drawn). WTF?
Methheads-they're not just strung out, they are fashion …

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